Tuesday, July 8, 2014

God, Church, Saints, and Aints

This blog is speaking from my point of view only. I am in no way attempting to express the opinions of any person or group of people. 

I was raised in a Baptist church. I was very involved in church activities and it helped build the foundation for who I am and what I believe today. It was a great experience. My church members have been like family to me. My church members helped me get my first jobs, scholarships, wrote recommendation letters for me, pulled me to the side and told me I was wrong about whatever and helped me get it together...the list goes on. What I'm saying is that church is a community, an extension of your family. Its like a refuge for those in need a loving place. Its by no means a place where only "perfect" people or only people without sin/error can congregate to worship with one another. Its all inclusive. I remember when I was younger, the neighborhood drunk would stop in for prayer....dirty, smelling like alcohol and all, but we would still allow him the opportunity to stand before the congregation, give his testimony and pray for him. Knowing that he was going to go back out there in the streets and continue doing the same things. But when he was in that church, his safe place, none of that mattered. That's what church is about. THAT is why we (I) go to church.

My religious views are changing. I'm not really into the whole denominational thing anymore. I feel as if it divides God's people and creates more separation than unity.I know that the structure of church has changed quite a bit from my younger days. I honestly stopped going to church for a while  because I absolutely hate the judgmental nature of most "church folks" now. But at the end of the day, you have to block all that out and go get what you're in need of. You just have to find a place that you can have that feeling. The feeling that all is right in your world....that you are safe from the pressures and pain of the world. That place is out there for you. There are sooo many churches, but there is a place for everyone. Don't get caught up in religion, focus on Him and find a place for you. Just remember that God is not necessarily only in church, but He lives in us. Your "place" may be a Catholic church, Buddhist temple, Kingdom Hall, wherever... just  find what is best for you. I wrote this about God, because that is who I believe in. You cant make me believe that only one group of those people out of all the beliefs in this world are "living right". lol But I am a firm believer that you have to believe in something. You have to know that someone or something out there is working on your behalf in this world.

I've heard non church goers claim that "church folks act holy on Sunday, but do the sames things as me Mon-Sat". This may be true (for some or most), but the feeling that you get during those two hours.....WHEW! Going to church and hearing the word is like a reset. You feel as if all the wrong you've done in that week (month, quarter, year, whatever) has been erased and you get a clean start. You get the reminder that there is still a God (or someone out there) that loves you and cares for you no matter who on this earth has broken your heart. Those two hours can change the direction on how the remainder of your week will go. In those two hours, nothing outside those walls matter. I've experienced being in church, holding hands, singing, and having fellowship with people that I otherwise would probably never even talk to. Matter of fact, once we left the church we probably wouldn't have any further interaction, but during those two hours, we were family. This may not make any sense to some of you. But until you've experience the power of God for yourself, it never will. Its also true that some people don't even go to church for God. It may be just to retreat from the world, it may be to see what all the hype is about. It may even be to take a selfie and front like its their thing. lol Who cares? The point is that whatever your reason for getting there, you're there! There have been times when I didn't feel like going and only went because I told someone I would meet them there. But when I arrived, the Word I received changed my life, mood, or outlook....whether it was permanently or until I left to go home. 

I know some people are going to always be against church. That's fine if its not your thing, but we all need something. We all need that place of refuge....we all need to believe in something. Just make sure that you don't allow your disdain for the church to keep you from finding your healing place. Its so important for our mental, physical, and spiritual health. On a closing note, have you ever noticed that those who are against spirituality/church, are some of the most hurt and angry people you've ever encountered? There's a reason for that. That's why I believe that spiritual reset is so important. 

I hope I didn't step on any toes. This is just something that has been on my mind for a while so I decided to write about it. These are MY feelings. Not to discredit anyone else's. Thanks for understanding that. 

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