Friday, October 28, 2011

The Moment

Sooo, I'm like super emotional right now and I thought I would share my testimony with you all. SOME of you may know that I believe that in every lesson learned, we must share our knowledge and experience with others to help them grow and learn with us. God puts us in certain situations not only for ourselves, but for the people in our lives. I play a lot, and I love to laugh, but often times, especially earlier in the year, I was laughing to keep from crying.

Throughout my life, I have experienced some pretty difficult times. From my mom being sick when I was in high school, and me having to take care of her and the house, to a difficult situation I had while in college, and recently being without a job and not knowing how my bills would get paid. But through each situation, I learned to have unyielding faith and believe in His promise to never leave or forsake me. Sure, I've worried, stressed, and cried myself to sleep on many nights, but I had to remember how he brought me out of my previous situations and how BIG my blessings were in the end. BIG blessings! BIG blessings! BIG blessings! Do you hear me?!

During the situation with my mom, it was hard for me to put my money into paying house bills while all my friends who had jobs were able to do what they wanted with theirs. In college, it was hard to watch someone I loved, love someone else, and of course it was hard having to ask people for help when I'm so used to being independent and self sufficient. On top of that, no one believed that I really needed help! lol But in each of those, what I gained, was much more than I would've imagined. I learned how to be woman and take care of a house and my business, I learned the power of forgiveness, and I learned humility. Never doubt God or his works. What He is doing is more than our simple minds can decipher.

I use my commute to work as my "perspective" time. I think about whatever is going on with me and try to put a plan together (I guess that's why I love road trips? lol) So this morning I was just thinking about how far I've come, the things I've learned, and the people that have come into my life, and I am just so grateful.I never would've thought that the way things were going for me 6 months ago, that I would be as happy as I am right now. But I guess it wasn't for me to know. God just wants us to trust him, and when you do He will do incredible things in your life.

I guess the moral of the story is, whatever your situation, no matter how hard or difficult, think about the last time you felt this way. Didn't he bring you through? It is human nature to worry and stress, but you have to be able to keep your faith and open yourself to learn the lesson he is trying to teach you and prepare for that BIG blessing waiting for you in the end. Find someone who you can trust and share your feelings, write them out, you can call me if you want. lol Just have a release of some sort and hold on. I hope this helps someone who may need this.

OK, I'm done *drops mic*

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